Saturday, July 25, 2009

Some Thoughts on Johnny Cash

Oh once I was an angry man
until this prison term finally began
but now that I'm here I've been changed
me and all the people I estranged

Well I shot my woman in a jealous rage
And ran far away as I set the stage
Well the cops, yeah they got me good
so I took the fall as every good man should

And I called the judge a coward there
well he decided to rule on me unfair
And the guards, well they took me away
and beat me into my place

And if I ever get out of this hellhole
oh if I may ever leave here whole
I'll kiss the ground at my feet
and praise God for his mercy on me

But there's still two life terms on this head
I'll be lucky if I make it out of here dead
And maybe the wind will blow my bones
Damn, there's many long years till I'm gone

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